0 Berserk: Anime Review

Guts has lived his entire life on a medieval-style battlefield. Raised by a seasoned mercenary, he begins learning the art of swordsmanship as a young child. With no children swords in their arsenal, Guts trains with full length swords instead.

As years progress, he continues to fight using increasingly longer swords and gains a ridiculous amount of strength as a result – enough to slice battle horses in half

0 Review: Wrayth by Philippa Ballantine

A few weeks following the events that transpired in the previous novel, Spectyr, Sorcha Farris finds herself completely bedridden after barely surviving the battle against the geistlord Hatipai.

Living in a shell of her former self, she is unable to move or speak. Even the powerful Merrick is unable to reach Sorcha through the bond they once shared; yet there are still those within The Order who remain uneasy…

0 Review: Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine

Deacon Sorcha Faris continues to show why she is one of the most powerful deacons in The Order. Tired of chasing down rumours of geist activity and longing for a return to action, Sorcha leaps at the chance to reunite with her shape shifting lover, Raed, having felt his imminent danger through the bond they now share.

The destination: the exotic city of Orinthal with the official task of …

0 Review: Geist by Philippa Ballantine

Deacon Sorcha Faris is one of the most powerful actives of the Order with a somewhat tarnished reputation and reckless personality.  With her usual partner out of action, she is thrust into partnership with newly appointed Deacon Merrick Chamber – a young and powerful sensitive whose powers…